Climate emergency & panic – a new totalitarian religion

Antti Lehtniemi 2023-02-20 & 2023-04-02

When you look at the street demonstrations of Extinction rebellion’s young people and their “end of the world” mission and claims that we are doomed because of climate change caused by us, humans, unless we instantly stop using fossil fuels, you can find sounds of a totalitarian ideology, and in fact a cult-like doomsday religion.

Most of the prevailing mainstream climate agenda is given us as a dogma. You must accept it as is. No true debate is allowed. Suspicious and critical, scientifically objective views are suppressed. We are dealing with a strict, intolerant and totalitarian ideology, which has copied many of its items from religions. In our secular western democracies most people are still familiar with the structures of the main religions, so taking phrases from them to put into this new climate belief may have happened, at least in the beginning, spontaneously and unintentionally. This religion is also easy to accept by common people as it uses modern and scientific terms instead of the ancient repulsive biblical ones. Also we must remember that religions give us a meaning for our lives. A man needs something to believe in and a mission to keep himself sane. This new religion gives him/her an important mission: “I am saving the planet so I am a hero”.

The structure and parts of this new climate religion

Climate meetings & conferences

The climate panel meetings and other climate conferences resemble cardinal and episcopal meetings. Even the Pope has declared himself a climate activist. Only those in belief, baptized can attend “consensus” climate meetings. Critical scientists and politicians are not allowed to express their views. Scientists who claim that carbon dioxide  is not the main driver of climate change are regarded as heretic and will be totally banned as also those scientists who show the beneficial effects of rising temperature and carbon dioxide levels to our welfare. 

The Holy Virgin

The holy virgin of this modern climate religion has been announced. She is Greta Thunberg. The cult-like worship around her has dubious elements. She is dragged from one meeting to another to read texts and slogans other people have written for her. She is used quite unethically as a marionette of the alarmistic agenda with regard to her background, health and age. To emphasize the religious status of climate change, she has been announced honorary doctorate by the faculty of Theology, even twice (University of Helsinki, Finland and Mons, Belgium). Now being an adult she declares agenda of Marxist revolution.

The Holy Ghost

The invisible trace gas, carbon dioxide, resembles the Holy Ghost. This ghost has all the power to change our climate into a “fiery burning hell”. Other factors causing warming are neither accepted nor needed. Although human emissions make only 4% of total, this part of carbon dioxide is the turbo charger of the main engine of the climate models causing a runaway warming that will kill all life on Earth (at least so the liturgical agenda goes).

The sanctions described below will meet those scientists who show that carbon dioxide levels during the past geological eras have been at levels up to and over 5000 ppm and that even after these high levels ice periods will follow so there cannot be any tipping point. The same will happen to those who show, that after every ice period the temperature rises first and only after the oceans warm, the level of carbon dioxide starts to rise. Saying or publishing this is regarded as a kind of blasphemy.

The Confession of the religion

It is a must that in the beginning of every speech or lecture you have to confess your religion in order to be an accepted member of the climate church community. “At first I want to tell you, how critical the warming is now” and “Absolutely no doubt the greatest threat of mankind is the climate change” and the best of them “It is worse than we have thought” are among accepted phrases so you will maintain your membership (and salary, too) and not be exiled. These confessions also act as a kind of an atonement of earlier sins, if you ever have expressed any signs of mistrust or denial.

The prayer mills and tabernacles

The climate agenda has green prayer mills and tabernacles: wind turbines (solar panels might resemble praying carpets). Building them is claimed to save our world. Some top politicians have even hugged wind turbines to show their love and faith. It does not matter that manufacturing and building them consumes vast amounts of natural sources: steel, rare metals, concrete, reinforced plastics etc. Lots of fossil energy is needed to dig and manufacture and transport green energy equipment. Killing birds, bats and insects, interfering with the welfare of whales and wide destruction of landscape does not bother climate and environmental activists. It is bizarre that forest destruction for windmills, solar farms and the power lines is quite OK for the greens but cultivating forests for common use should be banned to preserve nature.

Wind turbines seem to have a rather short productive life compared to hydropower or nuclear plants. Also it does not matter that these green saviors deliver intermittent electricity needing always fossil fuel backup power, and, if the only way of production, would make civilized life quite impossible.

Eucharist, the holy sacrament

As to the holy sacrament, blood and meat is replaced with vegetarianism and veganism. Nutrition has been transformed into a religious rite. Mankind must stop eating meat and surrender under a religious commandment. To exaggerate a bit we can say that we are saved from the fire of the hell by enjoying nettle smoothies and cricket biscuits instead of blood (wine) and meat (bread).

The Ten Commandments: Covering climate now

Media has had for a long time its own ten commandments how to build up and express climate news. Now it is not any more necessary to hide them as the alarmistic agenda seems to be the winner. This is kind of a Goebbels type brainwash: repeat, repeat and repeat. You cannot avoid hearing or reading many times a day about all kinds of climate catastrophes. These commandments are available at the web site of CCNow. Reading them will certainly open your eyes. It is sad that the major part of media is involved.

The 10th commandment is vigorously executed: “For God’s sake, do not platform denialists!”

Liturgies and preaches

In all climate meetings and climate policy conferences participants and media compete with each other to win the gold medal: to give the most dramatic, threatening and scary message (e.g. Al Gore: “Our oceans are boiling”). Among the participants you can always find a bunch of high class celebrities who fly their private jets to show themselves in the spotlights and preach what we, the ordinary people, not them, must do to save our planet. All this resembles the religious speeches of extremist preachers who aim to collect more money out of the frightened audience. In fact, these messages have their roots in the book of Revelations. “Fire and firestone will fall upon you unfaithful (unless you give us money to save your soul/body)!” Keep people scary so they are faithful to you and stay under your command.

This has led to climate hysteria and mass psychosis. Unrealistic and irrational goals (Net Zero level; getting rid of all fossil fuels; not making babies etc) are now common policy. Media circulates various “climate change disasters” throwing gasoline into the flames adding climate anxiety especially among adolescents which to my opinion is criminal. Rational thinking is lost and basic scientific and economic calculations are discarded. The cost of this policy is extremely high while its results in lowering carbon dioxide levels are non-existent. Thirty years of international expensive climate policy and no effect – something worth of considering.

Carbon and emission taxes

Carbon and emission taxes seem to be a direct derivative of the Indulgence Trade. If you pay more, you are allowed to continue polluting and your “sin is washed away”. In the former chapter the climate preachers aim to get more and more money from fearful citizens and politicians to be used for the green agenda and equipment. It does not matter that mankind still has many more important problems that could be solved much faster and with a considerable less amount of money. The emission rules have a ratchet mechanism so nothing but zero level is enough for the green dictators. This means that our welfare society cannot be maintained. A recent warning sign comes from Texas. In February 2021, one week’s frost period led to more than 200 casualties as wind power froze. The worldwide shortage of electricity and surging energy prices in the fall of 2021 and in 2022 after the Ukraine war are major warning signs, too. We must have fuels that are easy to transport and store for emergency and crisis times. Carbon is the best and cheapest option. The only thing why it is not anymore competitive is this irrational religious belief in the claimed effects of carbon dioxide which has led to policy of rising carbon taxes. These carbon taxes are indirect support to green energy. Electricity is the most important item to maintain human life and welfare. All societies will collapse, if we turn electricity off. This is something the greens seem not (will not?) understand. Or is it their final ”doomsday” goal?

The signs of the Red Beast

The Bible says that near the end of times only things labeled with the sign of the Red (Green?) Beast can be sold and bought. The green movement has adapted this as such. Nowadays we find these green labels in almost every product even if they are not really “green” since they sell better using a green label. People buying and using labeled items are regarded as “good” and progressive citizens. These labels are common, e.g. “biodynamic”, “bio”, “organic”, “carbon footprint compensated”, “carbon neutral” etc.

Similar labels can be seen in political movements like WOKE, BLM and LGBTQ. You should even bow yourself before them, if you are a person (man) of the “major oppressive class”.

In the background of this you can find the exploitation of nature resembling the book of Genesis and the fall of man into sin. Eve and the apple of enlightenment and scientific revolution made mankind use the resources of our planet. According to the alarmist greens this is something we should not have done. We should have limited our use only in biofuels and organic farming, and not use fossil fuels and, paradoxically, not nuclear power, the best carbon-free source of electricity. It does not trouble them that their agenda would lead modern welfare society to collapse. It looks like they intend, even insist on it, to happen. A major warning about what can happen comes from Sri Lanka’s disastrous biodynamic experiment in 2021-22.

Inquisition and heretics

Scientist who publish objective, scientific, critical and controversial papers are labeled as heretics. They are boycotted in seminars, even fired or forced to fire from their offices. Some alarmists even suggest that they should be executed with the so called “denialists” who actively and openly publish their views in the internet.

Only certain papers and magazines are canonized and taken into account. There seems to be some kind of a “pal or buddy review” instead of true scientific peer review. Certain “orthodox” papers will be accepted fast while others, especially the skeptical ones must wait for a long time or will be discarded right. Printing accepted papers fast leads to non-repeatable low-quality “politic” science. Other scientists have no time, money or possibility to check the results or repeat the experiment. The most cited articles seem to be flops, and citation even continues after these papers have been falcified by other scientists.

Under these circumstances the impact factor gives a wrong signal. The “fastfood” science gets more points and the “traditional” science gets less or none. The true scientists get minor grants and have difficulties to get their scientific papers published. They have to publish either in their own blogs and videos or in less appreciated magazines so their impact factor points stay low. This limits their freedom of speech, writing and publishing, which should raise more attention at least among academic people and free media, if there is any of it left (see the ten commandments, above).

The climate agenda has many strong organizations, apostles, to spread the climate mission. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like Greenpeace, WWF, EDF, NRDC and org.350 belong to them. They get many times more money from the fossil fuel industry than they claim the “denialists” are getting. Also big foundations and ICT industry of the Western USA generously support them.

The alarmistic agenda has also aggressive groups, crusaders, to spread their religion. The most popular of them is Extinction Rebellion. They arrange traffic blocks and marches (“purpose sanctifies the means”) to create disorder, rebels and confrontation. They act like martyrs when police arrests them. The dark side of their purposes, hidden behind posters and masks, is Marxist revolution.

Teachers are also “invited” to be apostles. Teaching material has been gradually changed to support the green agenda. The vital role of carbon dioxide to life is made considerably vague. “Racist” mathematics is turned into something the old grandfathers of science like Newton, Kepler, Fourier and Gauss would not recognize. Science is a logical, layer by layer built discipline. If we get rid of these principles, all western science and culture will collapse. In other words, if we abandon the foundations of our old traditional and successful science, our future will be sinister no matter if the climate is warming or cooling. We must keep on with traditional science so everybody, especially the poorest people will have a better future. But it needs the good people to stand up against the green storm surge:

“All that is needed for the evil to win is that the good people stay silent.”

I hope that reading this has given you something to think about. Our common future and welfare is at stake. The religious, mass hysteric anxiety-rising policy and fight against fossil fuels and carbon dioxide is in reality like the emperor in the famous fairy tale. Could we finally rise up and say: ““The Climate Change Emperor has no clothes!” We have had enough of this non working, extremely expensive AGW policy. Let’s go back to basic sciences and common sense and start living our normal life using our traditional energy sources.

— — —

This is just a novel story how I feel after having followed climate change for over 20 years. Nowadays many books, blogs and videos are available that open the dark green curtains and reveal the true nature of climate alarmists. I recommend you take advantage of them although the mainstream media barely gives them a mention. If it does, the comments are all but positive. Censoring free blogs of individual citizens and organizations poses a major threat to freedom of speech and our common future and welfare so waiting for our sinister fate is not a clever option.

Lohja, Finland  19.2.2023

Antti T Lehtniemi, MD, specialist in occupational health & safety