For sale CARTER D10

Made in USA CARTER D10 Pedal Steel guitar 

A rare, professional model, custom made for me in 1997. Excellent condition: has been mainly my home instrument. This D10 is for sale since I have another CARTER S10Dp for gigs, which I still after retiring keep on playing at home for fun. Here’s the picture of my CARTER D10:


The mechanism is all pull, using sturdy straight rods. The steel keeps its tuning well. The legs and pedal rods are custom made 2” longer (I’m +190 cm). For a not so tall musician it is good to know that the rear legs are adjustable about 3 – 4 cm and normal and even 2” shorter legs and rods are available at internet music shops in USA as the legs & rods are of standard type.

The front neck has E9 tuning and the rear neck C6 tuning. Eight pedals, 4 front and 5 rear (pedal #4 works on both necks like the right knee levers). E9 has 3+2 knee levers. C6 has 2 separate left knee levers. This is a very versatile instrument as you can see looking its copedant below. Country and swing, jazz and gospel, all goes well so you’ll have steel fun for years like I did. The internet is nowadays a good source to learn playing and find ideas. Things were quite different in 1997 and I had to learn everything the hard way.

New steels like this cost from basic models [GFI] $5500 to high-end [Emmons] $9700. I sell this instrument for 4200 euros (w cargo & costs etc added). Included are a Goodrich volume pedal (low model), a medium sized bar, set of picks and strings (all specific strings for C6 I have in store). The guitar comes in its sturdy original black flight case.

Also for sale is my gig combo, Fender twin (solid state), which sounds well with this guitar (I recommend Alesis Midi- or Microverb). Make an offer, if you are interested.

This CARTER is at Lohja, Finland (80km west of Helsinki, 120km east of Turku). 

Sound samples of all my instruments are available at my home page: Musiikki harrastuksena

Contact: Antti Lehtniemi ; Rautatienkatu 3 as 9 ; 08100 LOHJA ; FINLAND

Email: anttitapani(at)